The Horsepower Story: An Inception


Are you a freelancer frustrated with the high cost of health insurance? Or perhaps an OFW who is in dire need of a convenient way of paying your family’s bills back home? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

Horsepower is the ultimate online middleman that gives you access to affordable healthcare packages, as well as legal, tax, and accounting advice. We also offer assistance with your need for online tools to help with your business and services; and easy and convenient ways of paying government mandated benefits like SSS, PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG Fund.

It is, in a nutshell, your virtual one-stop shop of Human Resources services!


About Us

Horsepower is a cloud-based SaaS platform of human resource benefits presented by a flexi-bend product tier, and managed by a single web and mobile app dashboard.
We consolidate personal and government bills payment, affordable healthcare and insurance, business tools, co-working spaces, general tax and legal support, access to SME financing, virtual assistants, retail rewards, and membership referral rewards, and more!


How Horsepower Began

The Horsepower story started from the pressing need of freelancers to conveniently pay for their social security and government postings, as well as to provide affordable healthcare for themselves and their family. “These are the basic benefits that are usually stripped from corporate employees-turned-solo entrepreneurs,” says co-founder Jojy Azurin.

Diego Ramos, on the other hand, was formerly involved in Technical Recruiting and Executive Search, mostly for foreign startups setting up their offices in Metro Manila. He immediately noticed that it was a tough experience to be working with candidates from large companies to smaller startup companies, because of the sudden ambiguity — if not the actual absence — of clear healthcare benefits.

One afternoon, both Jojy and Diego sat down to find innovative solutions to solve this problem that affects thousands of entrepreneurs and freelancers in our country. Diego recalled that although HMO and healthcare plans started in early ‘80s, to this day, the Philippines and our neighboring developing countries still generally depend on an out-of-pocket means for basic healthcare. Access to affordable and comprehensive health benefits, after all, has been limited to big companies holding large numbers of employees.

Both men decided to do some bootstrapping by making attempts to speak to large companies for seamless access to healthcare and payment portals through technology.

“We’ve had our share of being ignored by many companies,” recalled Diego. It was not an easy feat for multimillion peso companies to understand the potential partnership value of a technology-based platform that will remove the tedious processing and red tape that small-scale entrepreneurs and freelancers have to go through for basic human services such as healthcare.

Meantime, Jojy and Diego’s search for another co-founder took months for it to come to fruition. One evening, a mutual friend introduced them to Hannah Crisostomo. Her track record of building a network of offline freelancers from 16,000 to 1M in 3 years — while providing healthcare benefits as a retention program on top of that — made Jojy and Diego decide that she is the perfect candidate they were looking for.

Together, they reconnected with their former business and industry contacts that could possibly help turn their idea into a reality. One opportunity led to another, and the rest is Horsepower history.

“We did not plan to build a health or bills payment app,” says Diego. “We simply shared the vision of providing a complete solution for solo and micro entrepreneurs that will provide them security and protection at the very least, and have the creative freedom to run their own businesses, at best.”

Horsepower’s dynamic triumvirate wanted to share their philosophy to all entrepreneurs — whether they are just starting out, or in the stage of growing their business — that they deserve a simple, intelligent, affordable, and transparent access to all these human resource products and services.

Today, armed with a talented team, Jojy, Diego and Hannah have made a commitment to deliver that promise to you, and they can’t wait to have you join them in this progressive venture.

Sign up now and be Horsepowered along with them!


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