Health Care Insurance & Medical Consultations for Startup, Company & Entrepreneurs


Inspiring entrepreneurs deserve intelligent Human Resource Benefits

Our Horsepower subscription plans replaces the complex and traditional HR benefits that
you can manage in a single and simple dashboard.

Get organized

As an entrepreneur, make a personal assessment what are the things you need to empower you. Our products and services are designed to declutter your desk, save time, simplify your life and secure your future.

Choose your Benefit

Products and services are designed for each member’s payment options preference, online tool requirements, managed healthcare services and healthcare plan coverage and expanding affiliate products and services.

Make a payment

Our cloud based web and mobile application single dashboard allows you to choose multiple payment options with the highest security process.

Refer a friend

Your membership entitles you to earn from successful referrals. Tell your friends how amazing Horsepower benefits and share your experience.

Healthcare made more accessible, Learn about our new Telehealth Services

Our Partners

Todays technology allows the marriage of mature corporations and emerging businesses. Horsepower’s strength is not just based on our core team and products but valuable partnerships.

Partner with us

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